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Aseptic Water Tank (sanitary)


Product Description

As one of the components, the water tank plays an important role in the water treatment system. In terms of design, the water tank of the tank has a vertical structure. The external surface of the tank is treated with matte finish, and the inside of the water tank requires a finish of Ra≤0.4μm, and is equipped with a fixed cleaning ball, a temperature transmitter, and a level transmitter, which is connected by clamps. Cleaning spray ball can prevent chlorine corrosion of the upper head of the tank, respirator to prevent insects and rodents from entering the raw water tank. In general, the raw water tanks do not need to be disinfected, but should be regularly cleaned and ensure that the water tank cleaning and drainage drainage, will not cause secondary pollution to ensure the safety of water and the quality of the water. Long-term non-use of water equipment is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms, also need to be emptied. 
On the one hand, the water tank can be used as a container for storing raw water. When the water is cut off, the tank's role is to allow the water treatment system's inlet pressure and volume of water to maintain stable operation, thus slowing down the impact on the water treatment system due to the unstable water pressure of the raw water pipe. On the other hand, the water tank can also allow the original suspended solids, colloids, particles and other macromolecules in the formation of precipitation to facilitate subsequent water treatment.

Product features

1. Vertical structure, saving space in the installation site.
2. Matte surface treatment. It will not produce focus by sun irradiation or other light sources, and flammable accidents will occur.
3. Fixed cleaning ball can help the tank reduce erosion by chlorine gas.
4. Good sealing to reduce the pollution of water and equipment from outside.

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