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Product Description

CIP (cleaning in place), usually referred to as cleaning. In fact, it is the cleaning of the inside of the production equipment, such as the inside of the pipeline, the inside of the cylinder.SIP (sanitizing in place), can be called disinfection or sterilization, in fact, the English expression of SIP can also be so sterilizing in place, the function of the inside of the equipment is disinfected or sterilized.CIP/SIP system is widely used in a variety of mechanized degree is high. CIP/SIP system are widely used in various enterprises with high degree of mechanization, and are used for on-line cleaning (CIP) and on-line sterilization (SIP) of process equipment or storage tank material systems. CIP/SIP system can also be customized according to specific customer requirements.
CIP/SIP is a centralized cleaning and disinfection system for customer's equipment, which includes pumps, pipes, valves, water pipes and other water treatment equipment accessories.The common media for CIP is soft water and RO water, while SIP requires the selection of media water according to the different types of equipment.The SIP disinfects or sterilizes the aseptic equipment by selecting the use of purified water prepared by hot water or steam, while the non-aseptic equipment requires a little less, there are more SIP uses hot water or steam prepared from pure water for sterilization or disinfection of aseptic equipment. For the production of sterile products, SIP is often a key part of the aseptic process.
It works by combining chemical and physical principles to clean and sterilize internal piping and containers in equipment through the use of mechanical forces, chemical reactions, temperature and time.

Product features

1. Eliminate cross contamination of active ingredients, eliminate foreign insoluble particles, reduce or eliminate microorganisms and heat sources on product contamination.
2. According to the customer's needs, provide professional cleaning design calculations to ensure that the cleaning effect is achieved in the shortest possible time, saving time.
3. Compared with hand washing operations, it can effectively prevent operational errors and improve the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection.
4. Reduce cleaning costs. Fully automated system operation reduces labor input, the consumption of cleaning media is relatively reduced, and also extends the service life of equipment components.
5. The system can realize automatic preparation of cleaning liquid, automatic adjustment of cleaning temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters, and automatic judgment of cleaning end point.
6. The use of high-quality components, stable performance to reduce the risk of secondary pollution.

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