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CSSY SSY-CD-2000L Endoscopic Cleaning Sterile Pure Water System Hospital Installation Case Project

Endoscopic Cleaning Sterile Pure Water System Features:
1.Automatic membrane cleaning technology, automatic online timing flush RO film, prevent membrane scaling, extend service life.
2.Automatic multistage pretreatment system, effectively remove impurities, reduce the hardness of residual ammonia.
3.Modular design, easy to maintain later, expand capacity.
4.Online high-precision monitoring instrument, real-time online display of water quality, pressure, flow and other information.
5.Circulating disinfection and sterilization, with invention patents and utility model patents circulating disinfection and sterilization process.
6.Fully automatic operation, a variety of intelligent protection functions, no need for special duty.
7.Water leakage protection, automatic water leakage detection sensor, water leakage in time to cut off water.

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