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CSSY SSY-E-200L Ultra Pure Water Treatment System Inspection Center Project

The installed model is SSY-E-200L for inspection and analysis of medical water treatment system.
The quality of the produced water meets the I/II/III class water standards for YYT1244-2014 and WST574-2018 for analytical laboratory water.

SSY-E Ultra Pure Water Treatment Systems features:
1.Constant pressure intelligent water supply mode, water supply pressure can be adjusted according to demand.
2.Automatic fault reset, automatic emergency handling function.
3.Dual wavelength ultraviolet sterilizer is used to effectively sterilize and reduce TOC.
4.Pre-processing supports 48-hour memory, automatic regeneration rinse.
5.Terminal 0.22μm microporous filter removes bacteria and viruses.
6.Automatic water leakage detection sensor, water leakage in time to cut off water.
7.Complete historical data recording function, automatically save water quality data, support query and download.

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