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Distribution System SSY-DB


Product Description

CSSY water distribution system according to the user's actual needs, combined with GMP, ISPE engineering guidelines and FDA specifications for customers to configure a reasonable water device, different sterilization methods and point-of-use use form. The water distribution system is available with either industrial steam or electric heating. In order to reduce the complexity of the installation process, a modular design has been adopted, with a single point of intervention from the common system. 
The water distribution system uses three methods of disinfection to ensure water safety. Thermal disinfection - including pure steam sterilization, pasteurization and superheated water disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection - uses long UV wavelengths of 254nm and 185nm, which reduces the rate at which new colonies are generated in the water system. Chemical disinfection - uses a wide variety of materials, with the more commonly used common ones being oxygen and chlorine. Water distribution system in the entire water storage, delivery system used in the pumps, valves, piping, pipe fittings are selected sanitary type. Connections are also made using a fully automatic welding process to ensure that there are no dead corners or areas of stagnant water. The average roughness of the internal surfaces of the parts in contact with liquids is higher than the standard value.

Product features

1. It can monitor indicators online: PH, temperature, conductivity, TOC, tank level. And it can ensure that the water quality of return water is still safe.
2. Fully automatic control of the storage and distribution system online cleaning and disinfection, to ensure that the water quality has been maintained stable.
3. PW/WFI modular design, compact structure can save space, operation and maintenance are very convenient.
4. In addition to controlling the level of the storage tank to make water, also set the alarm value and action value, signal control of the storage tank import and export valves.
5. Realize constant temperature storage and constant temperature cycle, to ensure that at any time the water temperature can meet the water requirements. In addition, there is high temperature superheated water periodic sterilization to ensure the safety of water.
6. Full-automatic terminal control, with the user to adjust the equipment and view data. Can also be linked with other water treatment equipment to help build the integration of production lines.

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