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EDI Electrodeionization Equipment SSY-EDII Reverse Osmosis System


Product Description

Electrodeionization device, EDI for short, is a kind of ion exchange technology. Ion exchange membrane technology and ion migration technology combined with pure water manufacturing technology. It is a high-tech green technology. Electrodeionization system is mainly under the action of DC electric field, through the partition of the water dielectric ions occurring in the direction of movement, the use of exchange membranes on the selective permeability of ions to purify the water quality of a scientific water treatment technology. EDI is a full process according to the respective elimination of ionic membranes, the use of mitigating ion exchange columns to absorb the ions into the water. In addition under the action of DC voltage. Ion exchange column in the process without strong acid and alkali reconstruction. EDI is a new process of desalination which combines electrodialysis and ion exchange with each other. The technology applies the electric regeneration ion exchange desalination process to replace the traditional mixed ion exchange desalination process DI, through the ion exchange resin and selective ion membrane to achieve a high desalination effect, and reverse osmosis combined with the joint process so that the quality of the produced water up to high desalination effect. EDI adopts the standard component design can be combined with the different specifications of the system according to the requirements.
EDI Electrodeionization Equipment  SSY-EDI  hhp

Product features

1. Advanced process. EDI water purification equipment has the advantages of continuous water, no acid and alkali regeneration and unattended, etc., and has been used in the preparation of purified water system to gradually replace the mixed bed as a fine treatment equipment.
2. Good environmental characteristics. Advanced technology with good environmental characteristics, easy to operate and use, more and more recognized by the people, but also more and more widely in the pharmaceutical, electronics, electric power, chemical and other industries to be promoted.
3. Direct purification. In the use of RO osmosis water to remove 97 ~ 99% of the premise of ions, EDI can be directly reverse osmosis water purification to pure water, high purity water, ultrapure water standards, without the use of ion exchange mixed beds, and the resistivity of its produced water up to 18.25MΩ-cm.
4. The system is equipped with imported two-stage reverse osmosis and fully automatic PLC programmable intelligent control system.

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