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Product Introduction

China's first three-stage reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, producing more pure water, higher dialysis quality and more comfortable patient experience.

Product standard

In line with the latest national hemodialysis industry standard -YY0793.1-2010 "Hemodialysis and related therapeutic water treatment equipment Technical requirements Part 1: for multi-bed dialysis".

Producing water quality

It meets the national standard for hemodialysis water YY0572-2015 and the American AAMI/ASAIO standard for hemodialysis water.

Technical Features

1. Three stage reverse osmosis technology
The primary pure water is filtered continuously and repeatedly by the second stage reverse osmosis, and then treated by the third stage reverse osmosis for dialysis treatment. The final filtration times have been greater than the commonly understood three-stage reverse osmosis membrane filtration times.
2. High concentration water recovery rate
The concentrated water produced by the second and third levels can be a primary concentrated water recovery rate of more than 85%, 100% recovery, and the raw water can be diluted in the balancer to reduce the concentration, thereby further improving the reverse osmosis water quality and extending the service life of the membrane.
3. High water flush low cost maintenance
All levels of the system can use a higher water flow to wash the membrane surface, which will not cause waste of water resources.
4. 100% recycling design optimum utilization rate
The 100% recycling design is adopted, and the recycling and discharge of wastewater are adjusted according to the monitoring of wastewater quality to achieve the most reasonable utilization rate of water resources.
Multi-mode combined maintenance maintenance without water
5. A variety of combined water production modes
In the emergency state, the water making mode is switched to ensure the dialysis water supply, and the water maintenance and maintenance are realized without stopping.

Technical Parameter

Safety performance
GB 4793.1-2007 "Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Part I: General requirements"
GB/T14710-2009 "Environmental requirements and test Methods for Medical Electrical Appliances"
Electromagnetic compatibility
The whole machine meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the normal use of the equipment and does not interfere with other equipment in the hospital.

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