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19-21th June 2024 CPHI Exhibition Invitation from Chengdu CSSY


Biopharmaceutical/Laboratoryrdical/Medical Water Systems Factory

CSSY water treatment systems company will attend the 2024 CPHI trade show in Shanghai 19-21th this month.

Our booth:N1A21

Welcome to our booth communication inspection.

CSSY water treatment company is not only limited to pharmaceutical purified water system, but also Type I laboratory reverse osmosis ultra pure water treatment system, 

Type II clinical laboratory reverse osmosis ultra pure water system used in hospitals, and Type III reverse osmosis pure water system for hospital cleaning water.

1.Lab Use Type l Laboratory RO Ultra Pure Water System

(18.25MΩ.cm@25℃Intelligent all-in-one machine)

2.Hospital Use Type ll Clinical Laboratory RO Ultra Pure Water System

3.Stomatology, Endoscopic Cleaning Type lll RO Sterile Pure Water System

4.Hospital Supply Room Cleaning Type lll RO Pure Water System

5.Biopharmaceutical purified water system Water for injection system