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CSSY Reverse Osmosis Ultra Pure or Pure Water Treatment Systems Common Faults and Trouble Shooting Guidelines/Solutions


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Question 1:ls the working pressure of pure water machine unstable?

CSSY Answer:If the tap water pressure is lower than 1bar, need to activate the emergency button to restore normal.

Question 2:The water machine repeatedly starts and stops, and the raw water light is on and off?

CSSY Answer:The front filter element is blocked. Replace the filter element and restore normal operation.

Question 3:The tap water pressure is unstable, and the water machine starts and stops frequently.

CSSY Answer:Press the emergency start button to restore the water system machine normal operation.

Question 4:Tap water is full of mud and often rains.

CSSY Answer:Install automatic pre-filter, automatic backwash sediment, impurities, effectively improve the service life of equipment.

Question 5:Raw water pressure indicator light (water machine does not start).

CSSY Answer:Check whether the tap water is stopped, whether the pre-treatment filter element is blocked, and whether the low pressure valve is damaged.

Question 6:The raw water pressure indicator light and the pump operating indicator light are intermittently on.

CSSY Answer:Tap water low pressure, check the tap water pressure.

Question 7:RO pure water quality is poor.

CSSY Answer:Raw water TDS value 2300PPM,adding automatic softening system; The RO film is damaged, replace the RO film; Lower operating pressure adjust operating pressure.

Question 8:Low water yield.

CSSY Answer:The RO membrane is blocked and the RO membrane is replaced. Lower operating pressure, adjust operating pressure.

Question 9:Ultra pure water quality≥1μs/cm(RO membrane effluent water quality is normal).

CSSY Answer:Resin failure, replacement of conversion column or purification tank.

Question 10:The joint is leaking.

CSSY Answer:The pressure is too high, adjust to reduce the pressure, Joint damaged, replace with a new joint.

Question 11:The water tank is full but the machine does not stop.

CSSY Answer:The liquid level system breakdown and replaced the new liquid level system.

Question 12:Insufficient water supply to the booster module system.

CSSY Answer:The booster module is damaged, replace the booster module; The constant voltage module is damaged.Replace the constant voltage module.