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Let’s Visit CSSY Laboratory,Medical,Biopharmaceutical water treatment system R & D and production factory


CSSY brand was established in 2013, headquartered in Chengdu Medical City Science and Technology Enterprise port, plant area of about 6000㎡. There are 18 offices in the country. The company has always adhered to independent research and development as the core, and has been deeply engaged in the field of water treatment for more than 10 years, and the product scope has covered many fields such as medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food. It is a high-tech enterprise that provides customers with engineering design consulting, equipment manufacturing, verification consulting (GMP) and after-sales service.

Can provide domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises to meet customer needs and comply with the US FDA, EU OMP, WHO OMP,Purified water preparation system (PW), water for injection preparation system (WFI), pure steam generator (PS), distribution system, aseptic double tube plate heat exchanger, online CIP/SIP system and other key components required by China GMP.

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Type I Laboratory Ultra Pure Water System

All-in-one machine:(SSY-UPJ/SSY-UPH/SSY-UP/SSY-UP2.0)

Type II Clinical Laboratory Ultra Pure Water System

All-in-one machine:(SSY-II/SSY-H/SSY-NEW) Hospital use water treatment system

Type III Hospital Cleaning Pure Water System

All-in-one machine:(SSY-HD) Hospital use water treatment system

Pharmaceutical Purified Water Treatment system SSY-CH

Water for injection system SSY-ZS

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CSSY Pharmaceutical purified water treatment system case photo:

Purified water system.jpg250LPH purified water system..jpgPW system.jpg250LPH purified water system.jpg

All water treatment products of CSSY will be inspected before delivery:

Step 1:Check appearance, wiring, piping, sanitation, etc.Ensure that the product is finished in accordance with the production instructions.

Step 2:Function test and parameter record,the functionality tested will vary for different models.TThe purpose is to ensure that the functional indicators and parameters of the product are in line with the design requirements of the technical department and meet the needs of customers.

Step 3:Safety testing, including noise, grounding, heating phenomenon, circuit safety, etc. during product operation.Ensure product safety.

After the test is complete, clean the inside and outside of the case.Push the label into the inspection area.

Every quality inspector must work in strict accordance with the quality inspection process to ensure product quality.

CSSY brand support dealers, tender Type I /Type II/Purified water treatment system project cooperation negotiations.

Please send us an email to tell us about your water treatment system requirements.CSSY email:aliceguo@ssywater.com