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Sichuan shuisiyuan environmental technology expert in medical pure water ultra pure water treatment systems

2024-01-18 16:14:25
CSSY Medical water treatment system application fields: Automatic biochemical analyzer in hospital laboratory, automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system, automatic cleaning and disinfection machine in hospital supply room, ultra-pure water system for hospital pathology experiment analysis, oral cleaning pure water system, endoscopic cleaning sterile pure water system, operating room cleaning pure water system, ear, nose and throat pure water system, pure water system for preparation, hospital dialysis and related treatment water treatment system.

Clinical analysis ultra pure water treatment system
Produced Water Yield Index:
Bacterial removal rate≥99.6%, particle(>0.2μm)<1pcs/ml, Ion retention rate 97%-99%, Organic matter retention rate>99%, The produced water quality is consistent YYT1244-2014,WST574-2018 Analytical laboratory water I type, II type, III type standard.
Raw water pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa.

Model: SSY-GDE(250-3000L/H) 250L/500L/1000L/1500L/2000L/3000L/H 
Double Pass Reverse Osmosis with EDI Ultra Pure Water Treatment System from Tap Water
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Model: SSY-H (60-150L)  60L/80L/100L/120L/150L/H
800-1600 Speed Biochemical Analyzer
Clinical Test Analysis Ultra Pure Water Treatment System from Tap Water
Water intake requirements: urban tap water, water pressure 0.2-0.4mpa,TDS≤300ppm.
Production water quality: meet GB6682-2008 analysis laboratory water specifications and test methods I/II water standards, electrical conductivity: 0.055-0.1μs/cm(raw water TDS≤300ppm).
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Adapted to the Beckman, Dirui, Hitachi, Mindray, Toshiba, Olymopus, Roche, Siemens, Anto biochemical apparatus and so on.

Model: SSY-II (20-60L)  20L/45L/60L/H
400-600 Speed Biochemical Analyzer
Application: It is suitable for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of laboratory utensils washing, reagent preparation, microbial examination, biochemical analysis and other conventional experiments.
Conductivity of produced water quality: 0.055-0.1us/cm(25℃)
Ion retention rate > 99%, organic retention rate (MW > 200 Dalton) > 99%, bacterial and particle removal rate > 99%;
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Model: SSY-E(200-500L)  200L/250L/300L/500L/H
Production water quality: The water quality meets the standard requirements of GB6682-2008 analysis laboratory water specifications and test methods, electrical conductivity < 0.055us/cm, resistivity ≥ 18MΩ.cm (raw water TDS≤300ppm).
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Welcome to inquire about the biochemical analyzer with the use of CSSY ultra pure water treatment system.