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Pure Steam Generator (Pneumatic) SSY-PSG


Product Description

Pneumatic Pure Steam Generators are the first choice for the pharmaceutical industry where large quantities of pure steam are required. The advantage of CSSY pneumatic pure steam generation is its reliability and stability. In the pharmaceutical industry, the production process requires precise control and a stable working environment. The SSY-PSG pneumatic pure steam generator provides stable steam generations and maintains continuity during operation. Its working principle: qualified raw material water is pressurized by a multi-stage pump and enters the branch condenser and then into the separator and evaporator, the liquid level is controlled by a level switch. Industrial steam into the evaporator will be raw material water heating evaporation into steam. After gasification with water droplets of steam into the separation chamber, water droplets in the separator due to the effect of gravity and steam separation, dissolved in the raw material water after re-evaporation, after the separation of steam into pure steam. During the whole evaporation process, the concentrated water is discharged intermittently.

Product features

1. Equipped with a safety valve and automatic control system to ensure that the operation can be stopped automatically in case of emergency to avoid potential danger, ensuring the safety of the operator and the product during the production process.
2. Pneumatic pure steam generators are characterized by low maintenance costs and ease of operation. They are designed to be simple and easy to operate and maintain. Reducing equipment downtime and repair time improves productivity and lowers maintenance costs.
3. The heat exchanger adopts double tube plate structure, which can effectively meet the demand for temperature control of the equipment in operation. This ensures the reliability of the pharmaceutical process and minimizes production errors and quality problems.
4. Fully automated control. Can provide a stable and continuous heat source, supporting the use of steam generator can be used to allow chemical reactions in sealed containers containing various media and drugs, the use of steam generator temperature control system to strictly control the temperature, to improve the quality of drugs.

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