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Purified Water Preparation System SSY-GDH


Product Description

The pharmaceutical industry utilizes purified water as one of the main components in the processing, formulation and manufacture of drugs and other active ingredients. Purified water can be used to reconstitute drugs, assist in the synthesis of drugs, clean water agents and so on. CSSY water purification systems typically have several stages (pre-treatment + RO + EDI) so that the quality of the incoming water can always meet the regulatory requirements of the major global pharmacopoeias. The various components of a water purification system work closely together to ensure that a high purity water source is ultimately provided. Their synergy not only ensures experimental accuracy and product quality, but also minimizes the impact on the environment. The process design of a CSSY purified water preparation system ensures that microorganisms are present in acceptable concentrations. And the system is highly configurable to meet the unique needs of customers. The SSY-GDH system is available in a variety of configurations, including two-stage reverse osmosis, EDI, and other features routinely required in water purification systems. Water purification systems are used in a wide range of applications including laboratories, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and biotechnology. In the pharmaceutical field stringent water quality requirements are needed to ensure the safety and stability of drugs.

Product features

1. Optimized integration of a variety of pretreatment technologies to protect the purified water host unit.
2. Mobile phone connected to the Internet can remotely monitor the data platform. System operation can be timely feedback to APP/computer/iPad.
3. The pipeline uses stainless steel direct stretching and bending, and avoids welding as much as possible. Piping and parts of the connection using argon gas protection automatic track welding.
4. The system terminal water production adopts dual-channel water supply mode. When the output of purified water is qualified, the water can enter the purified water storage tank through two pipes. On the contrary, when the water is unqualified, it will flow back to the intermediate water tank through the two pipelines after bad circulation, and enter into a new round of water purification process again.
5. When the equipment system runs automatically or the production stops, the equipment can use the flowing water to open the self-cleaning system to ensure that the microorganisms in the water can be controlled.
6. The system operation interface is visualized. Equipped with emergency button can effectively prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the equipment.

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