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Purified Water Pretreatment System SSY-CHT


Product Description

Purified water pretreatment system is the first step of purified water system. Raw water usually contains humus, starch, cellulose and various types of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, these impurities will form colloidal particles with water. The pretreatment system removes these impurity particles by preliminary purification through sand filtration and carbon filtration. The working principle of the purified water pretreatment system is to filter the impurities in the raw water through various purification processes. The main purpose is to remove suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, heavy metal ions and other impurities in the water. The filtered water meets the water requirements of the next step, and reduces the operating pressure of the machine, reduces the burden of subsequent water purification, and extends the use of filter consumables. The common pretreatment methods of purified water pretreatment equipment include precipitation, filtration, activated carbon adsorption and so on. CSSY pretreatment system uses a combination of high quality quartz sand and manganese sand. Selected 1000-1500 high iodine sub activated carbon, and the use of prostate tube converter for pasteurization of activated carbon tanks. The whole system adopts pneumatic butterfly valve, which meets the requirements of GMP specification.

Product features

1. Multi-media filter. Multi-media filter with quartz sand as the filter material, effectively removing suspended particles in the water and part of the organic matter, reduce the turbidity of the water.
2. Activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter can strongly remove residual chlorine and other substances in the raw water, so as to avoid reverse osmosis membrane oxidation by residual chlorine erosion and affect the efficiency and life.
3. Softener. Softener can reduce the hardness of raw water, improve efficiency.
4. Security filter. Installation of security filters to ensure that the pretreatment water meets the water requirements of the reverse osmosis system, to protect the reverse osmosis membrane from impurities that damage the performance.

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