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SSY-II-60L Type II Ultra Pure Water System used with 400-600 Speed Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Product Introduction

Hospital water treatment system is the main equipment of hospital water purification, but also an important part of modern hospital equipment, in the operating room, inspection center, supply room and other areas have played a significant role.

Why do hospitals clinical departments use ultrapure water systems?

1. Experimental accuracy: In clinical testing, it is necessary to use high-purity water to ensure the accuracy of experimental results. The ultra-pure water system can remove impurities and microorganisms from the water to ensure the reliability of the experimental results.

2. Avoid pollution: The ultra-pure water system can effectively remove pollutants such as organic matter, inorganic salt and microorganisms in the water, avoid contamination of the experimental samples, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experiment.

3. Protection of instruments and equipment: ultra-pure water system can reduce scale and dirt damage to instruments and equipment, extend the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs.

4. Compliance with standards: The hospital laboratory needs to meet strict experimental standards and quality control requirements, and the ultra-pure water system can help the hospital laboratory meet the relevant standards and requirements.

Therefore, the use of ultra-pure water systems in hospital laboratory departments can improve the accuracy of experiments, protect instruments and equipment, avoid pollution, and meet relevant standards and requirements.

Application: It is suitable for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of laboratory utensils washing, reagent preparation, microbial examination,fully automatic biochemical analyzer and other conventional experiments.

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Technical Features

1. Microcomputer automatic operation control, automatic liquid level protection, automatic pressure control, without special care.

2. The pretreatment system adopts two-stage pretreatment column filtration to effectively remove the particles, residual chlorine and organic matter in the water, and the replacement is simple and convenient.

3. The main part of the reverse osmosis machine is designed with automatic flushing function, which can effectively prevent the scale on the surface of the film and extend the service life of the film through pulsating water washing. Fast plug connection, easy to replace, greatly saving your time.

4. The equipment is equipped with high precision conductivity, temperature compensation characteristics, can accurately display the water quality, prompt consumables replacement information. Earthquake-proof pressure meter accurately displays the working pressure of the equipment. LED indicator light, respectively indicate the various working states of the equipment, convenient to determine whether the equipment is in normal working state.

5. The large capacity resin tank is filled with nuclear grade refined mixed resin, and the flow path is longer, which increases the utilization rate of resin. Quick plug connector for easy replacement.

6. The equipment has a dual-use function to meet the open and pressure water needs at the same time.

7. Power requirements: AC220V±10%,50Hz; Power 150w, environmental requirements: suitable for the ambient temperature between +5℃-+30℃ , relative humidity ≤80%.

8. Water level sensor made of 304 stainless steel, high sensitivity, internal micro-switch operation 10000 times without fault.

9. With one-button water intake function, to meet the needs of a small amount of water intake, the key adopts LED stainless steel key, continuous action 10000 times without abnormal function.

10. The system has a strong fault diagnosis ability, which can predict the alarm and indicate according to the deviation of parameters such as pressure and water quality. The equipment is equipped with the automatic protection function of raw water shortage, overload and overcurrent to ensure the safety of the equipment itself; Automatic washing of reverse osmosis membrane,automatic high-flow washing of startup and shutdown, discharge of sludge water, and automatic detection of working conditions during operation, improve the safety of operators and the stability of equipment operation.

Technical Parameter

1. Water yield: 20L/H,45L/H,60L/H/ set (25 ° C) For every 1 ° C reduction in temperature, water yield is reduced by about 3%.

2. Water utilization rate ≥60%.

3. Ion retention rate > 99%, organic retention rate (MW > 200 Dalton) > 99%, bacterial and particle removal rate > 99%;

4. Operating noise: 62±5dB

5. Conductivity of produced water quality: 0.055-0.1μs/cm (25℃)

SSY-II Process Flow Diagram

Raw water → Compressed activated carbon → PP filter → Booster pump → Reverse osmosis membrane → Purification column → Terminal microfiltration → Ultra pure water tank → Delivery water pump → Pressure tank → Water point

Installation Case

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